‍The Sad Motivation For This Film

‍The film was spawned from director Tim Alexander trying to understand why his first cousin, San Bernardino school teacher Karen Smith, was killed by her then 2-month husband Cedric Anderson, who then committed suicide on the spot. The irony is not only was Karen Smith Tim's blood cousin, but Cedric Anderson was the Minister who had married him and his wife Karen Gadson Alexander just 8 months before the tragedy. 

‍Tim & Karen Alexander (Executive Producers) had been speaking with both of them until just 2 days before the killing and have much insight into how medications had affected Cedric. But soon after beginning the project, it became apparent that the film was no longer about Cedric and Karen’s story, but about EVERYONE. Through the testimonies and stories they gathered from over 200 people - both experts and victims of prescription medications, their goal is to reveal why this devastating tragedy happened, and why it is happening to so many other people across this nation at an unprecedented level. This film is about PRESCRIPTION MEDICATION AWARENESS and helping people understand the dangers of taking them as prescribed from a doctor without understanding the risk.

‍From murder and suicide, to pain and mental anguish, Prescription Drugs can and often do cause suicide, murder, destroy lives, and also cause a painful living hell on earth for millions of people each year - and you, or someone you love could be the next victim of a medication. 

‍It truly can be a Legal Death from the drugs we have come to trust as so many trustingly take what is given to them during doctor visits. Even if not an actual physical death, Prescription Drugs can also kill the quality of lives, relationships, finances and personal freedom. This series will go deep, and help people to consider, are they, or the ones they love experiencing a potential adverse reaction to the Drugs they were given? Do they need to tell their doctors they need to make some changes before they experience harm? Did they even need these Drugs prescribed in the first place? While some do need medication for their stability, millions and millions do not and are simply the victims of Over-Prescribed medications that often ruin their lives and the lives of others around them. Most doctors actually don’t fully understand the damaging effects of many medications they prescribe, and new Drugs are regularly introduced with little information to them. You and everyone you know needs to see this series and open your eyes to a possible prescription hell that could affect anyone in one devastating way or another. The fact is, Prescription Drugs are not always the best treatment for life’s common issues, it could add to them dramatically, in this series, we explore how it has made life unbearable for many. Sometimes life happens, and you don’t always need to be prescribed strong Drugs to deal with it.

‍Karen Smith and Cedric Anderson

Tim Alexander and Cedric Anderson