The making of the film series Legal Death - In Drugs We Trust was primarily a two-person production, by husband wife team Tim And Karen Alexander who comprise the team at TAKA Productions, a company they created together.

The back story of the production is almost a story in itself.  16,500 miles in 60 days, going in and out of as many as 4 homes a day across America and Canada interviewing 104 people they found online in Facebook Groups.

This map is the actual route driven to make this film series.

And this was just ONE TRIP of a few in Summer 2018.

All filming, sound recording, lighting, editing, color grading and sound editing done by Tim And Karen Alexander as well as research and seeking out people to interview, none of whom were known prior to this production. 

This project was Produced by Tim And Karen Alexander, and Directed by Tim Alexander.  Additional editing done with the assistance of sons Allen and Brandon Alexander and Associate Producer Farelle Walker, who also was a technical advisor early in the production on the Drug classes.