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Adding Spice to Salt Lake City

“HoOked On Onyxx” a non terrestrial radio, blog talk and LIVE broadcast show which successfully launched in April of 2014 at LA Talk Live with over 900,000 Live viewers on her first show, average over 600,000 per show thereafter. Unfortunately due to illness Onyxx was forced to take a break from the show; but fear not, we are back with a BRAND NEW format and new home on Pepper Lake City and Live.Me “THE WORLD’S FASTEST GROWING LIVE BROADCASTING COMMUNITY” which also happens to be the #1 in the U.S. with over 70 million users across the country!

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“HoOked On Onyxx” Presents “Pepper Lake City”

 Spicing up Salt Lake City, uncovering the cultural the FLAVOR! Pull up a chair and savor the smell of what we have cooking.

Pepper Lake City is THE CULTURE map for music, food, fashion and sports in Salt Lake City and Onyxx Monopoly and friends are your personal tour guides. Join Onyxx and friends experience cultural spice and flavor in the greater Salt Lake City area.

Our informative website platform will feature, live streaming and diverse cultural radio formats across the United States and in over 100 countries, with a reach of over 90 million. In addition, it’s TV format will spotlight live musical performances in conjunction with coming April 2020

Do you know what ignites the culinary delights of your favorite celebrity? Pepper Lake City does, with forward thinking, Pepper Lake City will showcase interviews with, celebs, local talent, businesses, entrepreneurs and chefs…and more.

Host Onyxx Monopoly

“HoOked On Onyxx” sends a message from Onyxx Monopoly (the host) to her viewers to stay on a good path and focus on their dreams no matter what obstacles may come their way. Onyxx pulls from her personal story about her rise from child abuse, homelessness, and the foster care system to working with the elite in entertainment for over 25 years and earning millions via real estate investing. To finding herself divorced homeless and broke again following the economy crash in 2008 and her home burning to the ground – all before the age of 28! She then had a short stint of success again along with being featured on the Own Network prior to falling ill again.

Onyxx, now 39, has picked herself up and re-entered the ranks of elite entrepreneurs yet again. This time for good along with signing exclusively to the number one broadcasting app in the country which is also among the top ten apps in the world. Her show outline is about first and foremost about protecting and raising her children along with giving back to her community, while helping to save other at risk children. Onyxx life is about overcoming adversity and leaning on faith along the way, while on her wild ride back to the top. This is a powerful unscripted, unedited, reality based broadcast that takes place in real time unfiltered!

Onyxx interviews celebrities, business owners and our regular everyday people whom inspire her and others, people who can make a difference by sharing their own inspiring stories. She often touches on dark topics that many wouldn’t dare to speak on, one, being a survivor of human trafficking as child, all in order to spread aware- ness and save young lives from similar pain. This is what makes Onyxx very unique to say the least.

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